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Denver, Colorado

Artwork by Denver, Colorado Ceramic Artist Shelley Schreiber

What Inspires Me

Many years ago I visited a contemporary Japanese porcelain exhibit entitled “Quiet Clarity.” The concept holds special meaning for me, as it communicates what I wish to reveal through my own artwork. It represents harmony between the physical materials I use, critical thinking, and inner contemplation.

My approach is to straddle the fence between functional and sculptural objects, so that pieces with functional references are viewed and understood as sculpture and that my sculpture demonstrates my interest in the figure, sensations from nature, and the human traits of strength and sensuality.

I focus on form, minimalism and refinement, underlying complexity and depth. A sensitive viewer may find more than meets the eye... The idea is to touch people by making a statement about beauty and sensuality, and to give a sense of humanity through clay.

Wish Boxes     Hand-Built Porcelain      5" x 3"